Judge Michael Wolff Enters Health Care Debate

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​This morning's readers of The New York Times editorial pages who are interested in the current Supreme Court hearings on President Obama's health care bill might find themselves stumbling over a letter to the editor penned by one of our city's finest wordsmiths.

Michael A. Wolff, who delivered many lyrical opinions during a thirteen-year career on the bench for the Missouri Supreme Court -- and who recently stepped down to take a professorship at Saint Louis University School of Law -- chimes in with his opinion, in which he favors the bill and warns of the peril that would befall the country should it be overturned.

"In the 1930s the Supreme Court, for a time, used the Constitution to negate legislative efforts to lift the country out of what today we would call a third-world economy.

Mandated health insurance is redistributive -- let us be candid about that because that is the nature of insurance, social and otherwise -- but without this mild redistributive effect, the United States will continue its fall to third-world ranking."

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Harold Rock
Harold Rock

Mr.Michael Wolff should have been elected to argue in front of the  Supreme Court for the past three days. He is a very informative source.I really do not understand why we are decades behind Europe and I wonder if the people are ignorant over there and without freedom  and live under "an enormous mandate pressure" of having to pay a VERY SMALL amount of money each month for health care, The problem is so simple to solve the younger generation pays also into Health Care even if they are healthy and that way help cover the old and the sick and then when they are old or sick the newer younger generation takes over for them and if we all participate we can do it with VERY SMALL  monthly amounts. Do we really lack that much of intelligence ?     HR 

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