Sue Wallis Says No Horse Slaughter Plant for Mountain Grove; Plant's Still Coming, Though

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A German illustration that is supposed to promote the health qualities of eating horse meat.
Unified Equine's proposal to open a horse processing plant in Mountain Grove, MO, has been hobbled, at least for now. Sue Wallis, the CEO of Unified Equine, announced at a Monday night public meeting that the site the company had picked out is no longer being sought.

So this means Unified Equine is out of the horse-slaughter-for-human-consumption game, yes?

No. Unified Equine is determined to build their plant in southwestern Missouri, because of its easy access to highways and its plentiful supply of horses. And you need a lot of horses when you're planning to process 200 per shift.

Wallis, perhaps chastened by the public outcry against her initial plant, is cagey about where the plant will be.
"Might be really close to Mountain Grove, might be a ways away, but it will be in southwest Missouri."
On second thought, maybe she's not chastened. After announcing that Unified Equine intended to open a plant in the region by September of this year, she left the crowd with this parting shot:
"Discussion's over. Make all the noise you want. We're going into business."

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