'Shrooms Poppin' Up, Missourians Gittin' Some

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A pair of Missouri morels
With gray and yellow morels peeking out of the soil all across Missouri, the Internets are all abuzz that the mushroom-foraging season has begun. 

Judging from a statewide chat room (where users such as "Morelmaniac," "sponge rocket," "Shroomfever" and "Eagle Eye Mike" trade tips and tricks), the going rate of morels has gone up considerably since the last time we blogged about this; people are now offering to pay $20 - $30 per pound.

It's always a hoot when folks document their finds on YouTube, such as these two videos:

Also, if you're thinking of foraging yourself, click here for some advice from the Missouri Department of Conservation so that you don't kill yourself.

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