Bloomberg Labels Rex Sinquefield an "Oligarch"

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I'm the king of my world! Woo-hoo! Yee-haw! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Rex Sinquefield has been called a lot of things -- hall-of-fame athlete, kook, terrorist, sugar daddy, manipulator and billionaire (the latter being one of the few labels he's publicly denied), but we'd never heard of this one: "oligarch."

Something about it sounds so sinister. So Russian. So worthy of a man cruising around on a yacht like this one that we never thought of applying it to our very own Rex.

Leave it to Bloomberg (of all media outlets!) to tell it like is. In a profile this month of the man who has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to do away with local and state income taxes in Missouri, the financial wire-service writes:
"While he maintains he isn't a billionaire and won't divulge his net worth, he is using his wealth to go over the heads of the political establishment. He is a new American oligarch, appealing directly to voters for help in reshaping his home state to fit his economic beliefs."
Read the entire Bloomberg story here.

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