[UPDATED] Whose Tweet is Funnier? Vote Now in Round One of RFT's Standup Throwdown!

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Update: Congratulations to Ryan Haynes, Shaun Arredondo, Kenny Kinds, Jr Moore, Erik Anker, Kevin White, Zack Stovall and Kris Wernowsky for making the elite eight.

Thanks also to everybody else for entering, and all you readers for voting!

Original Post: It takes an extraordinary set of balls - metaphorically speaking - to even attempt standup comedy.

Normal folks balk at slicing open their heads and hearts to let strangers decide if they like what's inside.  But dozens of St. Louisans climb up on stage to try to get laughs, almost every night of the week, at open-mic events around town. These "open-micers" think they're funny - do you?

Here begins our first-ever RFT Standup Throwdown. Sixteen aspiring comics will battle it out on this blog, March-Madness style, over the next two weeks (see bracket here). And YOU, dear readers, will be the judge of who's funniest. The final four will perform at a special live RFT show on April Fool's Day, where we crown the champion (details to come).

So without further ado, onto round one! We asked all sixteen contestants to finish the thought, "Here's what's funny about St. Louis...." This is what they said:

Max Fitzgerald

Jr Moore


Kenny Kinds

HD Reeves


Shaun Arredondo

Scott James


Tree Sanchez

Ryan Haynes


Jeremy Hellwig

Kris Wernowsky


Zach Stovall

JC Sibala


Amber Kinkelaar

Kevin White


Hank Lamlech

Erik Anker

Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Friday. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter when we update this post, and will be contacted about what to do next.

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tree sanchez
tree sanchez

Now, rub your lucky dice and place your bets folks! Good luck to all of the contestants! Thanks to RFT for the piece of the action!

Comedian Long Horn
Comedian Long Horn

Good Luck Guys...I didn't make the cut...they picked 16 comics...I must have been the 17th

Chris Ward
Chris Ward

@Wardcrap wants in on this Tweet Off. 

Chris Clark
Chris Clark

there can be only one! good luck to you all.


Great joke HD! I would say the same to Jr but he already thinks too highly of himself :) That and i'm not sure which one of his jokes i should congratulate him on. Yeah - i went there.

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