SaveMore.Com: Another Daily Deal Site Runs Afoul of the BBB

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Maybe it's safer to get those coupons the old-fashioned way -- via scissors and a newspaper., a Texas-based daily deals site, has had more than 1,000 complaints from 45 states filed against it in the last ten months, according to the Better Business Bureau. The business currently has an "F" grade with the BBB, the lowest possible ranking. That's quite an achievement for a business less than a year old.

But perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise. Save More LLC lists Augur, Inc. as the business manager, which is a company owned by Douglas Van Arsdale. Van Arsdale last made news in Missouri when Attorney General Chris Koster sued his debt-settlement business, Credit Solutions of America, for reneging on promises to get clients out of debt. Save More LLC shares the same Dallas address as Credit Solutions of America.

The Better Business Bureau's alert comes barely a month after locally-based St. Louis Daily Deals folded, leaving both clients and customers on the hook for coupons sold and never delivered. As we noted when reporting that story, neither nor St. Louis Daily Deals are affiliated with Voice Daily Deals, the coupon service operated by the Riverfront Times, which continues to offer spectacular bargains with local businesses.

As far as goes, the company's website is still active, with today's deal being for Electronic Skins. The BBB urges all consumers to exercise caution when doing business with third-party coupon discounters, and to research the company using the BBB's online reporting tool, available here.

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Where are the fucktard libertarians to tell us how evil and bad the BBB is? I thought that one of their platforms was to demonize anyone that speaks out against business, especially when said business is about as legit as the guy on the corner selling you rat poison that he has labelled smack. "FREE MARKET!!" The battle cry of the fucktarded hipster ass libertarian fuckwads. It's just so fucking trendy especially if you have a goatee and some ugly fucking tattoos and piercings.


And the RFT's coupon service, Voice Daily Deals, has "spectacular bargains." Hell yes!! For a mere quarter you can get a beer at Verlin's, and for a buck you can get  two entrees at Casa Gallardo. Oh, they are both out of business, you say? Well, that's why Voice Daily classifies them as spectacular bargains! It's that nickel coupon for a Lifestyle Lift that scares me.

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