St. Charles GOP Catches March Madness, Caucus Implodes

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eugene dokes.jpg
Eugene Dokes put the brakes on the process.
First we had the Republican primary that didn't matter. Now we have a Republican caucus that goes nowhere and breaks down in finger-pointing, shouting and recriminations. Say what you will about the GOP, but the guys behind the scenes seem game-ready for the big show in Washington.

Saturday was caucus day for Missouri Republicans, the day on which the party would actually select delegates for the presidential race. Across most of the state, that's what happened. But in the Republican stronghold of St. Charles, the process melted down.

The crowd and the caucus organizers disagreed over a point of procedure: the organizers wanted to assign a chairperson without putting it to a vote. The proposed chair didn't inspire the crowd's confidence, and then the shouting began, along with the anger and the rage and the perceived physical threats, oy vey. Eugene Dokes, chairman of the St. Charles County GOP Committee, claimed he felt supporters of Ron Paul were "getting physical," and not in the good Olivia Newton-John kind of way. Dokes shut down the meeting, leaving the St. Charles GOP hanging in the breeze.

Ah, politics!

So what happens to the delegates that would have been assigned by St. Charles? That, too, is in the wind at the moment. Presumably there will be another attempt made at completing the process sometime in the future, but nothing's been determined.

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O D Irony
O D Irony

The video evidence of what happened (multiple sources) clearly indicate that Mr Dokes and company violated party protocol, rules and - frankly - common sense. He should step down and the rescheduled event should be broadcast on live TV.


Token Dokes Fails Shuck and Jive in St. Chas Cnty  The young submissive darkie, fronted by the wacky white right, simply couldn't manage his first Afro-debutant coming-out party.

Dokes had just begun his attempt to censor the "video recording" of Gods' Own Parties social event of the season, when he hit a tsunami-like nerve in the tech savy' smartphone crowd. His immediate re-bound to hand pick a sycophantic chairperson peed square into the hornets nest of awaiting Ron Paul supporters. Sensing he was rapidly losing control of the hearts and minds of hundreds of white people, Dokes called out for the baton wielding Poeleese to rescue him from the threat of being force to tap dance and play the banjo.

St. Chas GOP is now licking wounds and lamenting their T-Partee' adage that " ya simplee cant's gives a nigga a badge". Massa boss wonders "Wasn't it great when the Negros and the young student idealist stayed in their proper place (aka Democratic Party)"? Oh, dem was da goood ole' days!"


The establishment GOP is not use to being challenged by the American People and apparently didn't want to listen to what they had to say. They are use to putting in status quo representatives and were willing to break their own rules in order to do so.


When you get a bunch of people together in one spot that are so filled with hate and inflamed about everything by their hate radio mentors/party leaders it's not hard to imagine that they would turn on anyone that disagrees with them about the time of day.


So you think it's okay for the establishment to rig the process? I don't even like/listen to conservative radio and I know that it has nothing to do with what went down in St. Charles. Its time to abolish the two party system, folks.


Jumpinjezebel is so right. The GOP has developed a culture of mean spiritedness right out of right wing talk radio. It is like a mob out to lunch the nearest victim, even on their own team. It hurts us all.

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