St. Louis Rams Reject CVC Dome Proposal

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dome fix windows.jpg
A single row of windows was part of the CVC's rejected proposal.
The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission just reported that the St. Louis Rams have officially notified the CVC that the team rejects the initial upgrade proposal for the Edward Jones Dome.

You may recall that the proposal recommended (maybe "requested" is a better word, considering how weak St. Louis' bargaining position is) that the city and the Rams share the $124 million cost of the plan that would bring the Ed into the first tier of stadia in the NFL. (Details and images of the proposal available here.) The Rams were to shoulder 52 percent of that cost, and the public would pay the other 48 percent -- about $60 million. That's on top of the $12 million already paid annually by both St. Louis County and St. Louis City towards the costs of initially building the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams pay $500,000 annually for use of the stadium ($250,000 in rent, $250,000 to the CVC to cover game-day expenses).

With a sweetheart deal like this, is it any wonder the Rams rejected the offer to go dutch on the refurbishment?

So what happens next? The Rams will submit their own proposal on how to improve the Ed Jones Dome on or before May 1, 2012, which the CVC "looks forward to receiving." The CVC has until June 1 to reject or accept this counterproposal; if it's rejected, both sides go to arbitration on June 15.

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 If Carroll Rosenbloom didn't die and the Raider's stayed out of LA they would of have a new Stadium in LA. But LA is tough when it comes to handing hand outs to billionaires for the filthy NFL Society. I applaud them for that. I wish more City's would follow suit.2nd If Georgia didn't die I don't think this would be anything but a negotiating tactic but her desire would to have been to keep the Rams in St Louis. Now their is a group in LA who are close friends with the owner of the Rams who just so happened to be close or on the verge of getting a stadium going in LA. We all know why the Rams failed in LA can be argued to the end of time but if stan wants to own the Dodgers he might just sell the franchise to the LA group for that nice down payment and at that juncture the Rams become a a 1.2 billion dollar franchise. Now this can be nothing more than a scheme to get a better deal out of the dome or it could be a big payday for Stan Kronke either by selling the Franchise in its entirety or a small % to AEG and racking in that Stadium team revenue. Sources say any 1 team in LA will bring the number 1 top revenue stream beating out the cowboys for that mark as they own the #1 grossing net worth team according to Forbes. Now will Stan's heart sta in Missouri or will he go chasing the money trail out in LA that is the real question


if the sports fans would just stop and think for a minute they would boycott for a year or two all! overpriced sports and maybe then these overpaid players and coaches alike would come back down to earth and recieve a resonable salary, like maybe 25.000 to  30.000 dollars a season. after all its just a stupid and mindless game!!!!!


Hell must be cold today, because I agree with Kitty.


I say Let them leave and DON'T  let the door hit Slay & Rainford in the ASS as well pack them all up and good BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more  thing: BBC Sports reported on 09-30-11 that Kroenke spent 500 million pounds to buy the 66% ownership in the Arsenal Soccer Club! 500 million pounds equals $800,840,000.00 at the current exchange rate of $1.62638 for one pound. If he can spend that kind of $ in the UK he can well afford to foot the entire bill to make Ed a first tier statdium. If he whines and begs for more of our tax dollars, I hope Slay, Dooley and Nixon have the balls to tell him to get the hell outa St. Louis and stick the Rams up his ass!


Piss on the Rams and Kroenke. Let the greedy  bastards go somewhere else. The taxpayers have been bled enough to support a bunch of losers. And fuck the NFL for requiring that first tier bullshit.  As far as Kroenke goes, the bastard is rated as the 130th richest American - approx $2.2 billion. He owns five major sports franchises - Colorado Avalanche, St. Louis Blues, Arsenal Soccer Club, the Denver Nuggets and the piss poor Rams. Why should the taxpayers continue to throw money at this super rich prick. If he can afford to spend hundreds of millions gobbling up major sports teams, he can well afford to make the Ed a top tier stadium!


I think we should pay for all of the upgrades and half of the teams salaries.What will the Rams proposal work out to? $50,000 per paying fan?

Just raise the price of the ticket to cover the costs. Let the true die hard Rams fan take it on the chin.

How big of a chump do we have to be everytime a pro team threatens to leave? Why rape the public servants pension funds when you are giving away the farm?


We shouldn't subsidize privately-owned teams regardless if they are winners or not.

Why is it these 1%er zillionaires want the public to finance their private enterprises? 

I guess to them socialism is only a bad thing if the poor and middle class benefit from it.

Derek Ciapala
Derek Ciapala're saying let them leave just as they are getting their house in order?

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