William Lawrence: Craigslist Founder Assisted Death-Threat Investigation, Record Suggests

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Maplewood Police Department
Williams Lawrence really wanted his guns back following marijuana arrest.
An affidavit accompanying criminal charges filed last week against a Maplewood resident suggests that the founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark, personally got involved in helping detectives in their investigation.

William Lawrence was charged last Friday with  murder-for-hire after he allegedly placed an ad on craigslist.com offering to pay for the death of any Maplewood police officer, and specifically the department's evidence custodian.

Lawrence's anger with police stretches back weeks earlier when police were called February 9 to the apartment the 32-year-old shares with his mother.

According to police, Lawrence got into a disturbance with a neighbor that prompted a call to authorities. Once on the scene, police discovered that Lawrence had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court. But when authorities tried to arrest him, they say he lifted his his shirt as if to remove a weapon. Police shot him with a Taser and then performed a protective sweep of his mom's apartment.

In Lawrence's bedroom, police detected a "strong odor of raw marijuana" and discovered a large pot plant as well as drug paraphernalia. They also discovered a shotgun with no serial number and a .22 caliber rifle. Police seized the weapons for criminal trial -- a move that  Lawrence couldn't comprehend.

After being released following the marijuana arrest, Lawrence began pestering police to have his guns returned. Within three weeks he'd called the department five times to ask for the firearms. He even appeared in person demanding that evidence custodian Kerry Daniels return the guns immediately.

Then on March 1, a police officer in nearby Arnold called over to Maplewood to notify them of an advertisement he just saw on Craigslist, reading:
"Wanted dead, all the maplewood city police officers, paying one million per head. two million for detectives Kerry Daniels."
According to the affidavit, Maplewood police then called Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark.

"Mr. Newmark was able to provide a printed copy of the original posting, along with the email address of the person responsible for the post," the affidavit reads. "In addition, Mr. Newmark provided the IP address associated with the computer from which the advertisement was placed."

Armed with that information, it took police no time to find that Lawrence had placed the ad from his home computer. Police arrested him back at his mom's apartment on March 2.

Sgt. Matt Nighbor, spokesman for the Maplewood police department, declined to provide any more details about his investigator's correspondence with Craigslist.

"All I can say is that they were tremendously helpful," says Nighbor.

A message to Craigslist for comment was not immediately returned.

As for Lawrence, he has no job and in 2006 declared bankruptcy, so it's unlikely he could have paid the million dollar bounties he placed on the head of Maplewood police officers.

Lawrence's mother says he's bipolar, but prosecutors maintain he's a safety threat and are continuing to press charges. If convicted of the murder-for-hire plot, Lawrence could spend ten years in prison and pay fines up to $250,000.

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He will get assraped by a deputy before hes a free man again....sad but true....and to all you dicks calling this guy an idiot....get off the holier than society good guy badge suckling trendwagon ok......YOU PEOPLE ARE THE IDIOTS.......This man is not.  Jackass.....maybe but idiot NO........and dont even try to deny that you yourself havent at one time or another had the same wish that William did.....Police abuse their authority ten times over to the amounts of true real dangerous criminals out there and the crimes they are getting away with daily killing children and raping wives....of course its sort of difficult to lay down the law when your job duties include jacking off to craigslist -----aint that right Maplewood?   FUckit you all can talk your shit....this dude is good in my book and he's got more balls than any of you douchebags could ever own a pair of......but seriously William...next time...dont try anything just do it!.....and if you cant figure out what that means......hit me on my PAGER dog when you come up out the penn lol peace and fuck the police!-------------Z


I think he was offering way too much.


I love how cops have nothing better to do than troll the Internet for K80 +\yr...


It should be plainly obvious this man has a mental health problem. It defies reason for authorities to pretend he was actually going to go ahead with some sort of serious plan to eliminate them! If people understood the complex problem of mental health issues, I'm sure they would react quite differently. To treat people with mental disorders similar to people with all their marbles is the worst kind of "bullying" I've witnessed. And, now I'm ready for all the trolls to step up with their criticism....bring it on. The "anti's" will join the bully list!


I like that he was offering so much $ while he lives at home with his mom. At 32. 

Wake up!
Wake up!

Just because this man does something you don't understand or because his mommy says he is mentally ill doesn't mean that he is.  Regardless, he is a threat to others and was breaking the law.  Let court appointed psychiatrists determine his mental status during his court procedings before assuming he needs to be handled with kid gloves.


The state will get paid for another head in jail so it works out great for them. A very good percentage of people in jail are mentaly handicapped. Could be treated and rehabilitated like whats suppsed to go on but they are not diagnosed correctly and continue to get worse, so back in jail.   It makes perfect sence to keep the sceme going, Just look at how wake up is brainwashed.  So easy to fool! 

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