Astronaut Andre Kuipers Should Be Your Twitter Friend

Andre Kuiper simulator.jpg
Andre Kuipers has a great job, and he'll share it with you.
Andre Kuipers is part of the 31st permanent crew on the International Space Station, and only the second Dutch astronaut to make it to space. In addition to being a doctor, a scientist and teacher, Kuipers is also a photographer. His bilingual Twitter feed is a daily treasure trove of scientific wonder and gorgeous photos; the latter appear to have been taken while Kuipers hangs out the window of the ISS.


Turkey Andre Kuipers NASA.jpg
Andre Kuipers, ESA/NASA
Istanbul, photographed from the International Space Station on April 15.
If you're looking for a great way to while away an afternoon trapped in the office, @Astro_Andre is a great place to start. If you need a suitably inspirational soundtrack, look no further than Symphony of Science. Onward to the Edge, indeed.

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