For Being Baseball's Best Fans, We Sure Are Hateful

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La Russa's gone, but there's still ugliness out there in #CardinalNation.
Cardinals' fans are a proud lot, especially when it comes to the oft-repeated claim that they're "the best fans in baseball." Apparently that sort of self esteem rubs some people the wrong way.

The Twitter feed Baseball's Best Fans is a storehouse of ugliness, name calling and schadenfreude, all delivered by fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. It's an eye-opener, to say the least (sorry, Tony).

I mean, what do you do with this?

That's uncalled for, sir. This one's not much better though.

David Freese was instrumental in last fall's World Series victory -- is this gratitude? At least it's all spelled properly, though. Not all the best fans are capable of that much.

Yes, "#trader," indeed. Albert Pujols has a nice sideline going as a freelance stockbroker. This next one gets a little blue.

Bob Costas wept.

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Ed Golterman
Ed Golterman

Weddings-at-the-ballpark and saying 'we had a great time in hideous weather at a game I believe they lost' indicate how far down St. Louis has fallen as a city, how over-valued the Cardinals are. Throw in KMOX' hour after hour after hour of 'chest beating'. If this is the the new norm, if this is St. Louis' identify so be it.  Can sports towns fail as cities? Yep.


Who gives a fuck? The self proclaimed 'best fans in baseball' is so fucking tired and pussified anyway. The only people who buy this horseshit are suburbanite helicopter parents and the other cock holes who are always ready to give every assclown a standing ovation for doing fucking nothing. These dipshits are the same types who would proudly applaud a wretched cunt of a man like Barry Bonds or that fucker Pujols whenever he makes his next appearance here. As if that shit wasn't bad enough then they will tell you in a smarmy nasally voice "it's because we're the best fans in baseball!". Makes me fucking gag.


Someone has to be running that account with the sole purpose of RT'ing the worst tweets involving the Cards. Ther'es like nothing positive on there whatsoever.

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