AG Chris Koster Helps Bust Disabled Parking Spot Sneaks

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This past weekend, Attorney General Chris Koster worked with police from numerous St. Louis County Police departments to issue citations to able-bodied people who parked in handicapped-accessible parking spaces.

On Saturday, 74 people in law-abiding communities such as Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Hazelwood and Webster Groves were popped for being too lazy/selfish/ignorant to leave those parking spaces for the people who need them. Most of the citations were issued in shopping centers, according to the AG's press release on the operation.

Perhaps you believe it's no big deal to park in one of those spots. You've circled the lot once or twice, and that double-wide spot sits empty and enticing; you'll only be in the store for fifteen, maybe twenty minutes tops. What's the big deal?

For starters, it hurts you. Missouri law is pretty clear on this one; parking in an accessible parking space without having an authorized license plate or hangtag displayed can earn you a fine as high as $300. You can also be fined for using someone else's license plate or hangtag if that person is not actually in the vehicle with you. And you people who slip into the striped aisle next to an accessible spot thinking you're so very clever in skirting the law can also be fined up to $300, although you dipshits should probably pay double.

But stealing those parking spaces hurts the people who need 'em. If you think those parking spots are a privilege or perk for disabled people, you're out of your goddamn mind. Read former RFT Music Editor Annie Zaleski's heartfelt feature on the power of the Americans with Disabilities Act and you'll see that these spaces are a necessity. Taking them when you don't need 'em is a dick move.

Or as AG Koster said, "This is a matter of respect -- respecting the law, and respecting the person who has the lawful right to use that special parking."

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As a handicapped person who has had to (1) remove a wheelchair from a car by himself while trying to balance on two canes, (2) travel across a parking lot, and (3) see able-bodied people get in and out of a parking space reserved for me; I call you out.  Lazy cowards.  I don't see you taking the equally-empty parking spaces for cops.  If you were so outraged at the empty spots, you'd park there.  Nope, disability is not a perk.  We did not choose to loose our ability to walk for the parking spots.  Your parents were complete failures in raising you.  How DARE you attack someone's justifiable need to shop because you are too lazy.

Matt Hay
Matt Hay

Why doesn't AG Koster respect laws about Campaign Contributions when he used MEMC and Chuck Hatfield (friend and Stinson, Morrison, Hecker Attorney) to launder campaign contributions to both his, and the Nixon Campaigns. Ed Griesedieck has now plead guilty, and likely turned States Witness. This will be interesting how it all plays out. Or how about the fact that he accepts tens of thousands from the Red Light Scamera Vendors and Attorney's associated with them, to allow the illegal systems, unsupported by state statute, to continue. Even Nixon, when he was AG said they were illegal........well, that was for at least the few days before him and Joyce Aboussie had a heart to heart about her almost 10% Consultancy agreement with the Red Light Scamera Vendor American Traffic Solutions. You can tell from the 10k Contribution that Aboussie's firm, Telephone Contacts Inc. made last week to the Mo Democratic State Cmte., that this is nothing more than money laundering by bad faith actors to benefit a particular political party.....


AG Koster said, "This is a matter of respect -- respecting the law, and respecting the person who has the lawful right to use that special parking." Unfortunately, Koster likes to pick and choose the laws he wants to "respect."  Koster should be FIRED come November. 


I personally think this was a waste of the AG's time. I'm certain he has better things to (or should) do in Jeff City. My personal opinion is that there are entirely to many spaces reserved for the handicapped. It has been my personal observation that the majority of them sit vacant. Additionally, I don't think that being pregnant and/or having small children justifies a reserved parking space. They are NOT handicapped. The article in and of itself was good with the exception of the language that was used. Your point could have been made without the colorful language. Maybe I'm a prude, but I don't like reading it let alone hearing it. To many people cannot elicit a single sentence without curse words. Our English language is being butchered by slang.


I'm glad you got your hackles up on this, Paul. I totally agree with your stance on handicapped parking. However, what gripes my ass is when I see  morbidly obese slobs so fat they have to squeeze in and out of their cars and then waddle into the grocery store where they heap their carts with every high calorie super carb food and drink in the store. The doctors give these people handicapped hangtags because they are so fat their knees hurt constantly because of the weight they carry. If the same doctors who write prescriptions for the hangtags would insist their whale sized patients lose weight, the cost of health care would drop and Frau Fatso's health would improve. And some will say, oh those poor people can't help being fat because of overactive glands. Horse shit! The overwhelming majority of these behemoths only suffer from an overactive fork. Never mind the United States is the fattest country in the history of mankind. As the Duchess of Windsor so cleverly said - One can never too rich nor too thin!

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