Gary Montgomery Charged with Animal Neglect; Stray Rescue Instrumental in Developing Case

Donna Karen cropped.jpg
Courtesy Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Exhibit A: Donna Karen, rescued from a closet.
The office of City of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce recently trained Stray Rescue of St. Louis personnel  in the intricacies of legally documenting the appalling cases of animal abuse that Stray Rescue staff encounter on a daily basis. The goal of this late-March meeting was to expedite the process of getting animal abusers in court. Five warrants were issued Friday, March 30, in cases developed by Stray Rescue, and yesterday the Circuit Attorney filed one charge of Animal Neglect or Abandonment against Gary Montgomery, a Class C misdemeanor.

Jason Schipkowski, Stray Rescue's director of marketing, heralds this charge as "a great example of how our partnership in the city is having an immediate impact.

"Our partnership has been successful already, and this is only the beginning."

Stray Rescue workers discovered the dog at Montgomery's home confined in an approximately two-foot-by-four-foot closet with a feces-caked floor. There was no evidence of food or water in the closet on that day, and the dog was wearing a thick nylon collar that appeared to obstruct its breathing.

"The dog from the case, Donna Karen, is doing OK," Schipkowski said earlier today. "She's being monitored for an intestinal issue. Our in-house veterinary staff suspects she had ingested metal or rocks, and we're watching her carefully. She's also terrified of small spaces due to the constraining area she was kept in."

Schipkowski went on to praise their legal partners for their dedication to the project. "It's been a long time coming, and we're so happy everyone at the Circuit Attorney's office is so compassionate and committed! It's really going to make a difference."

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Question.  Not saying that no one wants Donna Karen but what do they do with animals no one wants?  Do they keep them indefinitely?  I would think after a very short period this would become a logistical nightmare.

Alissa Nelson
Alissa Nelson

I adopted a dog from Stray Rescue who had been a foster for around two years. They have an extensive foster network, but for the more socially anxious dogs (like my guy) it can definitely lead to a backlog of animals waiting for adoption. I will say, their tryout program probably helps to avoid dogs being returned to the foster system, since you can see if there is a good fit before committing for the long haul. But as a no-kill org, they will never put a healthy dog or cat down. 

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