Giant Dragonfly Attacks Truck on South Side

Spied this in Benton Park West today, on Texas Avenue between Pestalozzi and Crittendon Streets:
Dragonfly Truck Benton Park West.jpg
Photo by Nicholas Phillips
What is this?
We're not sure what the occasion is. Nor whether the owner would need some kind of permit. (But if a permit is indeed necessary, it should be created to scale. Come on. Commit to it.)

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Hap Phillips
Hap Phillips

created for the Wild Indians of the Rust Belt and Dragonfly Shamans of Cherokee Street parade and fundraiser for ARTICA. It's resting now but will fly again around St. Louis soon

Ben West
Ben West

If a permit is necessary to ferry an enormous dragonfly on your vehicle, then that is an abuse of power. I insist that everyone carry oversize, winged insects on their cars, w/o permits, in protest. 

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