Jarrod Wayne Rudder: Charged with Killing 2-Year-Old Left in his Care

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jarrod wayne rudder.jpg
Jarrod Wayne Rudder, charged with first degree murder.
Jarrod Wayne Rudder, 24, of Elkville, Illinois,  faces two counts of first degree murder in the death of 2-year-old Michael Pulliam. The boy was left in Rudder's care while his mother, who has not been identified, was at work Friday night. Rudder's relationship to the mother and child has not been confirmed, but it is known that he lived in the home with them.

Elkville Police were summoned to the home just before midnight on Friday and found the child unconscious. He was airlifted to a St. Louis hospital, where he died Sunday night. Jackson County detectives had been working the case, and presented their findings to Jackson County Illinois State Attorney Michael L. Wepsiec.

On Monday afternoon, Wepsiec outlined the charges against Rudder at a press conference. He alleges that Rudder took the child by the wrist and swung him against the wall, causing bleeding on the brain and several broken bones. Wepsiec would not comment on the possibility of other children living in the home, nor would he comment on the possibility of more charges being filed, citing the ongoing investigation.

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man i was wit this man every day of my life he treatd those kids like they were his ifthis is true i kno he had to b on a hard drug


I think the the mother should be charged too, she continually left the child with her boyfriend and several complaints had already been made to dcfs about marks on the child...I would never leave my child with anyone I felt could even possibly harm one hair on my childs head...I feel it is the parents responsibility to ensure the child have a safe and healthy environment


Time and again on a regular basis, someone kills a child just as Jarrod Rudder. 99% of the time, the reason for beating the child with deadly injuries is that the child won't stop crying. I will never understand why someone who is greatly irritated by a continuously squalling baby just doesn't put the baby in a room with the door closed. Removing one's self from the crying instead of going into a rage is a win-win situation for both the abuser and the child.   

Let the baby cry - that's what infants do. Yet, insteading of distancing themselves from the non-stop crying - and yes it is irritating - they start beating the poor baby to make him stop. But as anyone with common sense knows, the baby will squall even more and louder when its hurt.

The woman in Affton who killed her infant last fall and hid the body in a cemetary told the cops she had been out late, and that her baby kept crying and interrupting her sleep so she just killed it. This kind of thinking is beyond reason. Yet, this same thinking and behavior by adults who batter children to death  never ceases. Rudder deserves LWOP!

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