Jim the Wonder Dog Should be Missouri's Historical Dog

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Jim Wonder Dog.jpg
Jim the Wonder Dog represents the best of Missouri's canine population.
The Missouri House Committee on Tourism and Natural Resources is attempting to determine which of three dogs should be our state's official "Historical Dog." The finalists are Seaman, the Newfoundland who accompanied Lewis & Clark; Old Drum, a dog of indeterminate breed who was cited in a Supreme Court case; and Jim the Wonder Dog, a hunting dog with mysterious powers of foresight.

Yes, this is a foolish use of government time and resources. Dogs, however, trump all arguments based on rational thought and logic. I mean, look at Jim the Wonder Dog. He's adorable, and he could predict the winner of the Kentucky Derby and elections, and identify strangers in a crowd based on verbal commands delivered in foreign languages, shorthand or even Morse Code. The most famous dog to come out of Marshall, Missouri, deserves the title -- it's not even close.

This video tells you everything you need to know about Jim, a dog who delivered every time he was called upon to perform. It also gives you some hokey actor recreations of scenes from Jim's life, and some expert witness testimonials from friends and relatives of Jim's human companion. If this ain't the wonder and mystery of Missouri encapsulated in ten minues and thirteen seconds of digital media, I don't know what is.

Call your state representative and urge them to vote for Jim the Wonder Dog. He'd do it for you, and he'd predict the sex of your unborn child while doing it.

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