Molotov Cocktail Thrown at Robert A. Young Building

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St. Louis Police and federal agents are searching for the man who threw an explosive device similar to a Molotov cocktail at the Robert A. Young Federal Building (815 Olive Street) early this morning. A surveillance camera captured the man throwing the device. Authorities have not described the suspect, but they're also looking for the owner of a Chevy Camaro with a license plate that features "N5O" on it.

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If I was investigating this I would probably take a look at the individual who posts here constantly under many names blathering about the 'joos', that individual seems like a likely candidate to be stupid enough to throw a molotov cocktail at a big ass building. Kind of like how he was stupid enough to chase interracial teens around south county mall's parking lot with a hammer. 

Master Yoda
Master Yoda

Masonry buildings are flammable didn't you know?

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