New Classical Music Station Reportedly in the Works

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Sarah Bryan Miller, whose reportage on the sale of KFUO-FM ("Classic99") earned her a Best Of St. Louis Award from this very paper two years ago, strikes again with the welcome news that the Radio Arts Foundation-St. Louis has lined up a deal to return classical music to the airwaves as early as June. And yes, Classic99 mainstay Jim Connet will be involved as station manager, with the potential return of other KFUO personalities also possible. 

You may recall that KFUO was doomed not by a lack of financial support, but by the strong-arm tactics employed by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's chosen negotiator, Kermit Brashear. The RAF attempted to buy the station from the Lutheran Church, but was shut out of the process by Brashear with little explanation as to why. 

Corporate backers laid the financial groundwork for this new, as-yet-unnamed station, but there will be ample opportunities for a friends organization to pitch in; the station will be a non-profit, which allows them just 72 minutes of advertising per day. Discussions are already underway to broadcast live music, with Opera Theatre of St. Louis an interested partner.

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Reactivation of Kiel Opera House years ago as a downtown performing arts center wouldhave 'grown' the classical music market substantially. Ad revenue it would have provided for Classic 99, and one or two fund raisers, and we never would have lost the station. I proposedthis for a decade-to city officials, to the Post, to the Synod, to the Station. SILENCE. 


What saint louis needs is a progressive station that replays Hate Radio mongers and refutes their lies one by one with the facts and exposes the Ryan Budget plan as well as the state level lunacy in Jefferson City. Or someone needs to sue to revoke the licenses of the current stations as not operating in the public interest only generating hate and sedition as its goal.

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