P-D Employees Protest CEO's Half-Million Dollar Bonus

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Marie Antoinette Junck
Many of you shared our outrage a few weeks ago when we reported that Lee Enterprises, parent company of the Post-Dispatch, gave its CEO Mary Junck a $500,000 bonus for successfully guiding the corporation out of bankruptcy. CFO Carl Schmidt made out pretty well, too: He got $250,000.

The P-D employees are pretty pissed off, too -- and not just the ones who got laid off the same day Junck and Schmidt got a little something extra in their pay envelopes.

And so today at noon Post-Dispatch employees will gather outside the paper's offices at 900 North Tucker in protest. All attendees will receive a cupcake in honor of the Marie Antoinette-ish-ness of it all.

As Shannon Duffy, business representative of the United Media Guild, the largest union at the P-D, put it in a press release:

Since when does tanking a company rate a bonus? For a corporation that saw its stock plummet from $40 per share when it purchased the Pulitzer chain in 2005 to just over a buck-a-share today, it's unbelievable that Lee's board of directors would reward that kind of performance.


The cupcakes, by the way, will be baked by a union baker. Solidarity forever.

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No Post-Dispatch employees were laid off on the day the bonuses were announced. That happened at other Lee papers outside of St. Louis.


Gee maybe if the media told the truth instead of peddling hebrew hogwash propaganda then they wouldn't be in the toilet.


Junck turned the stock of Lee Enterprises into junk and then was given a $500K performance bonus for taking Lee down the toilet in bankruptcy. This is outrageous. But the real blame for this misappropriation of funds lies at the feet of Lee's Board of Directors who authorized such an asinine reward for Ms. Junck. Hopefully the employees of the Post Dispatch will prevail. All stockholders of Lee should make a concerted effort to oust all board members at their next stockholders' meeting.


She should be shamed at her door to give the money back.

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