St. Charles GOP Holds a Caucus: Round Two

David Cole MO GOP Chairman.jpg
Missouri GOP Chairman David Cole runs the show tonight.
When last we left the St. Charles Republican Party, they were attempting to hold a caucus on St. Patrick's Day. That one ended in shouting, recriminations and a couple of arrests -- so it was more like Thanksgiving dinner than St. Pat's.

Then David Cole, chairman of the state GOP, announced there would be a second attempt, to be held tonight at 7 p.m. at the St. Charles Convention Center. This time around Cole will serve as the temporary chairman of the caucus, a move made to forestall the nastiness of the last one. Things got feisty and feelings were hurt in March when the chairman was selected without a vote.

If you're a registered voter in St. Charles and will declare yourself a Republican, you can attend this evening's caucus. Delegates selected this evening will head to the state convention in June.

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Saint Charles Convention Center

1 Convention Center Plaza, St. Charles, MO

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The new elected chairman is brent stafford, the guy arrested at first caucus.

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