Look Who Snuck Onto the Cardinals World Series Rings

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WS Ring Squirrel side a.jpg
(c) Jostens 2012
The 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals received their rings on Saturday, and oh my are they ostentatious. Made of 14 karat gold, each ring features 103 round diamonds and 50 custom cut rubies for a total ring weight of 73 grams.

There's also a stowaway.

Look closely at the side with the player's name on it and you may spot something just below the famous STL logo. Here, let's zoom in for a better view.

(c) Jostens 2012

Do you see him there? It's our pal the Rally Squirrel, once again making the scene. No word on whether he'll get his own ring and a playoff share.

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Ex Sons of anarchy fan
Ex Sons of anarchy fan

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