William Shatner Ticket Giveaway: Win Two Tickets to Shatner's World

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Pay a visit to Shatner's World.
We're giving away two tickets to William Shatner's one-man show, "It's Shatner's World -- We Just Live in It," this Thursday, April 12, at the Peabody Opera House. You could win those tickets, if you're able to answer a relatively simple question about the man.

But first, the rules.
-- You must include a phone number or working email address with your answer so that we can contact you and arrange pick-up of the tickets.
-- You must be able to pick up your tickets at the RFT offices before 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 12.
-- You must not be an employee of the Riverfront Times, the Peabody Opera House or the evil mirror universe version of Mr. Shatner.

All right, formalities out of the way. Here's your question:
Early in his career, William Shatner starred in the film adaptation of a famous and most excellent work of classic literature. Name that film -- or the book, which shares the same title in English. Good luck.

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Peabody Opera House

1400 Market St, St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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Eric Rysk
Eric Rysk

That would be the Brothers Karamazov. Tickets, please?


Oh boy! Now there's a way to kill an evening. Sitting around listening to an old jew talk about themself. When doesn't a jew want to talk about themself. Maybe he has some weepy holyhoax stories to talk about. About how all his ancestors were killed and how he was even killed by the Nazis but managed to survive being killed by the Nazis by eating apples thrown to him by a little girl that revived him from the gassings, the holyhoax LOL!

Paul Friswold
Paul Friswold

 Eric, what was the first rule in the list of three rules for this contest?

Alissa Nelson
Alissa Nelson

Wow, that's an incredibly fucked up thing to post. You must feel very cool.

Eric Rysk
Eric Rysk

I'm sorry, I thought including my email address in the "post as...." would get it to you. Obviously not! I'll follow up via email. 

Mike N.
Mike N.

I do wonder why they can't just pull your email from the "post as" info;  I know Chad can do it, but maybe he doesn't trust Paul (probably for good reason :) )

And FWIW, I've heard this is actually a good show, included references to the Shatner-Takai feud.

Paul Friswold
Paul Friswold

 Eric's email is in in time, he's won the tickets.

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