Angela Halliday Case Gears up for Potential Trial

Last August we published a feature article titled Smackdown, chronicling the downfall of Angela Halliday, a former dean's list student who became addicted to heroin. After the overdose deaths of an acquaintance and, a month later, her boyfriend, Madison County, Illinois, prosecutors charged her with two counts of drug-induced homicide, alleging she delivered the fatal heroin to each of them, thus contributing to their deaths. (Whether or not Halliday actually "delivered" the heroin to them is a matter of debate.)

Halliday pleaded not-guilty to both charges, each of which carries a six-to-30-year prison sentence. Now, exactly one year after her arrest, without any kind of plea deal in the court record, a potentially high-profile trial looks more likely. (Movement on the second murder case will likely stall until the first case is resolved.)

Last Thursday Halliday's attorney, Steve Griffin, argued two motions in front of Third Judicial Circuit Associate Judge James Hackett. One of those motions sought to prohibit the State from submitting as evidence the very article we published.

"The news articles offer no probative value; or, in the alternative, any probative value is far outweighed by their tendency to prejudice and/or inflame the jury," Griffin wrote in his motion in limine, referring collectively to our main article and three supplementary Daily RFT blog posts about the Halliday cases, published around the same time.

In the same motion Griffin asked Judge Hackett to prohibit the State from submitting as evidence a blog that Halliday maintained prior to her arrest, which included several references to drug use. (See Griffin's two-page motion in limine, filed in April, below.)

During the hearing Griffin also argued a motion for leave to file affirmative defense, which he filed last October, suggesting that just because Halliday was linked to the drug-related deaths doesn't mean she caused them. (In the motion, which is also embeded below, Griffin states that Halliday participated in the same drug deal as the man who died.)


Motion Affirmative Defense

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I was in county with Angie for a few months last year and I gotta say... Angie's a lot of things. She's hilariously witty, fun, easy going, warm-hearted, kind and compassionate. Not a murderer. These charges are so stupid. She didn't push that fatal plunger. Those guys got high for the same reason everyone else does. Because they want to. The state is grasping at straws and making a mochary of courts. She should be able to sue for slander and deformation. A murderer? Really?


I have been following this article since day one. Josh Rogers was my friend. He believed that he was responsible for the choices he made as well as the consequences. Unfortunately, Angela who I do not know, is being charged for a crime that is RIDICULOUS! If Angela Halliday is being charged with his murder then Nikki Strasen should be charged with it as well. She is just as culpable as Ms.Halliday. The people, the court & whoever interviewed her for the stories should take a good hard look at Ms.Strasen.  She says shes so outraged by Angela and her lack of help, well she didnt seem so outraged when they were getting high all the time and when she would nod off with cigarettes then drop them and almost start a fire if it weren't for Josh cleaning them up. She also gave Josh money and drugs on several accounts.  I pulled myself away from them b/c of their drug use. I couldn't be around it for many reasons. She supposedly knew Josh better than anyone else right?  WRONG. Anyone who knew Josh, KNOWS that this is NOT what  he would've wanted. 

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