Regional Arts Commission Conducting First-Ever Census of St. Louis Artists

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Calling all St. Louis creatives: The Regional Arts Commission wants to know your needs and challenges. And the organization hopes to reach everyone out there -- be they a full-time pursuer of the arts or a weekend dabbler.

"If you call yourself an artist, then we want to hear more about you," says Jill McGuire, executive director of RAC. "Right now there are a lot of assumptions out there about what would help the art community thrive, but this is the first time we've gone directly out to individual artists to ask them specifically what they need."

McGuire says the results of the survey will help RAC determine how it funds artists in the future. Last year the agency, which receives money from an area hotel tax, awarded $2.7 million in grants to 180 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in the St. Louis area.

"We're trying to adapt to the changing environment," McGuire tells Daily RFT. "For example, we haven't given to individual artists before, but perhaps that's a policy we'll change when we get the results of the survey. We're hoping we can also take this information to developers and building owners who may be looking at ways to incorporate art spaces into their properties.

Musicians, photographers, graphic designers, actors, filmmakers, dancers architects, writers, crafters and educators: all are encouraged to log in to Artists Count and take the online survey. RAC is using funds from a recent Kresge Foundation grant it received to pay for the study, which is expected to cost around $40,000 to implement. Results should be available by late summer.

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This has to be among the top examples of wasting money to 'better' the arts. Many performing companies have no regular space, or no 'adequate' performing pace. Use the money to activate the Pepsi Theater in Kiel-Peabody, and to help the Ozark Theater  become a real theater again, and for live performance.


For Christ sake will you please for once shut the fuck up about the motherfucking kiel opera house!!!? Not everything in this city is tied to this piece of pig shit opera house you fucking narrow minded lunatic!!!!!


It saved your hockey team. I don't know if you know St. Louis has a hockey team. Do you come out of your 'haze' long enough to attach to the real world? Loss of the Blues and Rams 'finishes' off their sports and casinos town. Dont be too hard on the suburbs they have been carring the City for decades, about to vote down everything put on their plate by the Downtown powers.


One more time; shut the fuck up you loony motherfucker. Everyone in this town knows what a crazy shit you are. Move to fucking kansas city if you think it is so much better, then the rest of us wont have to read your mad ravings in every news source in town. You have bats in your fucking belfry you psychotic toadstool.

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