Red Roof Inn: Free Local Calls, Continental Breakfast and a Meth Lab

Brenda Lee Albiol.jpg
Brenda Albiol didn't need room service, she was doing her own cooking.
So, in addition to worrying about who's effluvia is all over the bed sheets and if there's a spy-cam under the sink when you check in to a motel, now you have to be aware that the folks in the room by the ice machine could be running a meth lab.

Police in Boone County searched room 212 of the Red Roof Inn (201 East Texas Road, Columbia, MO) and found Charles G. Albiol, 34, and Brenda L. Albiol, 35, and their fully operational meth lab. The Columbia couple had the necessary equipment and chemicals as well as ready-to-smoke meth in their possession. Both Albiols are currently incarcerated, naturally.

The meth epidemic is tearing up the heartland, and that's a tragedy, but I really feel for the hotel maids in this situation. That room had to be the worst clean-up ever, and you know damn well there was no tip.

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