Buildings=Energy Architecture Exhibit Highlights Sustainable Construction

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The exhibit wasn't hung when Daily RFT visited Wednesday. But imagine these pallets displaying architectural renderings, and you get the idea.
It's only fitting that what was once the ground floor of St. Louis Centre -- and is today being transformed into the sleek and hip MX (that's short for Mercantile Exchange, btw) -- would be the site for an architecture display on the future of urban design.

Kicking off tonight (5-8 p.m. at 635 Locust) and running through August 11 is Buildings=Energy, an exhibit of drawings, videos and photos that explore how designers, planners, engineers, government agencies and residents alike can make cities more sustainable though green construction.

Speaking at tonight's opening will be Rick Bell, the executive director of Center for Architecture/AIA New York, which curated the exhibit last year. The St. Louis-based architecture and design non-profit Creative Exchange Lab hosts the showing here.

Admission is free and open to the public. And even if you're not into architecture, it's worth coming down just to see what's become of our old, urban-mall nightmare. The Mercantile Exchange, excuse us, the MX, is looking promising.

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