Christopher Coleman Case Is This Week's 48 Hours Mystery, But How?

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CBS News
This Saturday marks the three-year anniversary of the brutal murders of Sheri Coleman and her son's Garret, 11, and Gavin, 9, found strangled to death in their Columbia, Illinois, home.

And to mark the event, 48 Hours Mystery, will air a program Saturday night (9 p.m., KMOV Channel 4) re-examining the investigation into the murders.

But as the name of the show suggests, was there ever any mystery at all about the killer?

From the very outset, investigators suspected Christopher Coleman (Sheri's husband, and father two her children) murdered his family as they slept. First there was his cockamamie story about getting up early to go to the gym and then calling his family out of fear that a stalker may have come to their home.

Then there was the "stalker" whose email threats, investigators soon discovered, originated from Coleman's own laptop. That followed the revelation that Coleman kept a mistress in Florida, and told her that he would soon leave his wife family for her. Only, if he were to divorce Sheri, he knew he'd lose his well-paid job as a security guard with Joyce Meyer Ministries -- thus providing a motive.

Yep, as it turns out, the Coleman case was a bit of a slam-dunk. (A jury spent relatively little time last year -- on the second anniversary of the slayings -- convicting him of three counts of murder.)

That said, we're quite sure 48 Hours Mystery can -- and will -- provide an hour of spellbinding content on Saturday. But a mystery?  This we'll have to see.

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I had no idea this was going to air. Watching a story on my cousins' murders would not have been easy. Many of us were with Chris at the funerals. We believe he is guilty. Sadly , does it matter. Our beautiful Sheri and her boys are gone. Her dad Don and brother Mario and the rest of the Rutherford clan grieve!


I sat next to Chris Coleman for 5 years during private school (and even had a crush on him), and thIs is not the Chris Coleman I know.


Aww ruined the ending!!


aren't you  glad he didn't marry you? or you would be in this 48 hr special


I believe the part where you say "and even had a crush on him" convinces all those who have seen your comments frequented over and over throughout these websites, that in fact, your are biased towards him.  He was convicted by a jury of his peers and is guilty.  It is sad that you show doubt for a man who was an adulterer and murderer of not one but three innocents.  Many people sat next to John Wayne Gacy, ate with him, lead Scouts with him, and even trusted him as a local politician and yet he was a complete monster!  Sociopaths such as Chris Coleman can easily fool anyone. 

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