Dan Zettwoch's Birdseye Bristoe Gets Some National Press -- And It Ain't Even Out Yet

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Frequent RFT contributor Dan Zettwoch has a brand-new book coming out this June, Birdseye Bristoe, and it's already generating a ton of interest among comic fans. Dan Nadel of The Comic Journal posted an eight-page preview of the graphic novel that should stoke the interest even higher. Go give it a look.

The subject of Birdseye Bristoe is the erection of a cell phone tower in a small town with only one resident -- the old man known as Uncle. Fans of Zettwoch's "Amazing Facts and Beyond" strip here in the RFT will immediately recognize his style; cross-sectional diagrams of things like giant pikes, a fascination with facts both real and imagined and a genuine appreciation for what Zettwoch terms "decrepit roadside Americana stuff" are on full display.

Zettwoch celebrates the release of Birdseye Bristoe at 7 p.m. Friday, June 22, at Star Clipper (6392 Delmar Boulevard; in the Delmar Loop. Joining him is fellow St. Louis comic craftsman Kevin Huizenga, who will be promoting his own book, Gloriana, the same night. If you're a fan of quality comics -- and they're both published by high-end publisher Drawn & Quarterly, so you know the books are quality -- you should swing by to get your copy.

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