Tent City Revival: Rev. Larry Rice's Next Integrity Village Is A Secret

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Larry Rice is determined to establish a tent city in St. Louis.
The Rev. Larry Rice will not quit on St. Louis' homeless population; the entirety of his public life is proof of that. So the recent city-ordered dismantling of Integrity Village, his tent city just off I-44, was certainly not the end of Rice's efforts to establish a public and free-standing community in the city for the homeless. Rice told KMOV this morning that he will build a new one, but it's going to be a secret -- at least until it's built and occupied.

But can he really accomplish that? The first Integrity Village was announced days before construction started, and the neighbors voiced their opposition loud enough that the City took swift action. Another cluster of tents going up anywhere in the city limits is likely to bring the same hue and cry from the neighbors, and the same swift demolition.

So where could he possibly start work on Integrity Village II in the city yet out of sight enough to have time to complete the construction? Any ideas?

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Vandeventer & Page.  Lots of open land and no cops.


I suggest he try Ladue or Frontenac. Since St. Louis does make an effort put some pressure on dickhole cities that truly don't. Spread the wealth Larry.

Robin Watt
Robin Watt

I just pray he's doing it for the right reasons.

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