Leonardo Drisdel Convicted of Murdering Cassandra Kovack

Leonardo Drisdel.jpg
Jennifer Silverberg
Leonardo Drisdel in prison in 2005.
Former WGNU DJ Leonardo Drisdel has been convicted in the 2005 murder of Cassandra Kovack. Drisdel told police he'd smoked crack at Kovack's apartment and then heard a voice tell him that she was the devil, and ordered him to kill her.

He will be sentenced on June 29.

Drisdel was the subject of the Riverfront Times story "Dead Reckoning" back in 2005, which attempted to make sense of the murder and uncover what exactly happened that June night seven years ago. The story delves into Drisdel's past and his frame of mind the night of the murder, but as with most acts of senseless violence you'll be left shaking your head when it's over, still uncertain why a 28-year-old woman was killed by a friend.

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I nor any other member of her family or anyone in her life can ever understand why. Crack is not a reason for what he did. He is a sick psychotic lunatic pervert who deserves to sit and rot for the rest of his pathetic life

Robert Speer
Robert Speer

Sometimes, when people are really high on crack, they experience things that don't make sense in a Riverfront Times article.


hmmmmmm...so difficult, indeed.  attractive but somewhat imprudent young woman invites raging lunatic over to party at her home one evening.  lunatic exacerbates his condition by smoking crack.  he feels the urge to have raw, immediate sex with her and, when she resists, he maims and kills her in a most savage fashion, including biting her nose off.  you're oh so right, it's just so difficult to figure out that i am sitting here shaking my head.


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