Teens Exchange Words, Then Shots, On Louisiana Last Night

Categories: Violent Crime
3100 Louisiana Avenue.jpg
Three young men escaped serious injury last night when an exchange of words became a shooting in the 3100 block of Louisiana Avenue, near Roosevelt High School in the Tower Grove East neighborhood. Police report that three black males (two age 18, one age 21) walked past another group of three young black men near 8:20 p.m. Someone said something, the other group responded, and then an 18-year-old in the second group whipped out his gun and fired multiple shots at the first group.

One of the two 18-year-olds in that group was hit in the hand. He was taken to the hospital and is in serious/stable condition. The shooter is described as 18-year-old black male, 5' 5" and 150 lbs, wearing blue jeans.

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