DEA Nets 21 Arrests in Huge Meth Ring Bust

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The DEA, the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit, and the police departments of Kirkwood and Pacific conducted a joint operation early Wednesday morning to break up a methamphetamine manufacturing and distribution ring. Twenty-one suspected meth cooks from Franklin and Jefferson counties are now in custody.

The full list of the apprehended suspects looks like so:

Jerry A. Hendrickson, 27, Franklin County, MO
Jerry M. Walling, 48, Catawissa, MO
Jason S. Sparks, 32, Villa Ridge, MO
Dale M. Harris, 44, Pacific, MO
Ethan M. Lepinski, 47, Pacific, MO
William L. McKinney, 21, Pacific, MO
Elaine M. Scroggs, 23, Pacific, MO
Miranda J. Everhart, 21, Pacific, MO
Aaron A. Lyerla, 33, Arnold, MO
Larry R. Collier, 40, St. Clair, MO
Tammy L. Busch, 41, Pacific, MO
Andrea R. Dowling, 28, Villa Ridge, MO
Michael S. Pich, 32, Villa Ridge, MO
Michelle A. Sizemore, 37, Fenton, MO
Ann L. Matchell, 47, Labadie, MO
Shelly M. Peterman, 42, Villa Ridge, MO
Douglas E. Hughes, 29, Pacific, MO
Amy N. Bueker, 25, Pacific, MO
Sarah A. Matchell, 23, Labadie, MO
Eric E. Lyerla, 37, Pacific, MO
Angela J. Holley, 33, Arnold, MO

Nine of those folks are from Pacific, which would imply that meth is going to be awful hard to come by in Pacific in the next few weeks. One would hope so, at any rate.

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