Rush Bust Unveiled in MO State Capitol Amid Lies, Secrecy and Bitterness

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Sculptor E. Spencer Schubert hard at work on the bust of Rush Limbaugh that was unveiled, amid much secrecy, earlier today.
Oh, that we were in Jefferson City right now, under the capitol dome, on the House floor where, at this very minute, legislators are proudly unveiling the latest statue to grace the Hall of Famous Missourians: the long-awaited (by somebody, probably) bust of Rush Limbaugh.

But wait! It looks as though this was a private ceremony, albeit one on government property, and in order to go, one had to be invited. And also one that was held three hours before the legislature was scheduled to convene.

Fortunately, through the magic of Twitter -- and, by the way, when does Jack Dorsey get his bust, huh? -- we were able to follow the ceremony through the eyes and iPhones of St. Louis Public Radio's Marshall Griffin, the Post-Dispatch's Virginia Young, the Kansas City Star's Jason Hancock, Progress Missouri's Sean Nicholson and FiredUp!Missouri.

There was a velvet rope:


There was security:


Somebody probably deemed it necessary, since the man was there, in the flesh as well as the bronze.


But it was an overwhelmingly friendly crowd. Friendly in the sense of "friends lie to make you feel better about yourself."

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