St. Louis Actors' Studio Cancels One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Kathleen Quinlan.jpg
Courtesy St. Louis Actors' Studio
Kathleen Quinlan was scheduled to star as Nurse Ratched.
For the first time in its history, the show will not go on for St. Louis Actors' Studio. The company's June production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest has been cancelled. Refunds for tickets already purchased will be sent out in the next few days. Cuckoo's Nest was to have run June 12 through 17 at the Roberts Orpheum Theatre.

Founder and producing director William Roth issued the following statement.

"It saddens us to have to do what we have never before. Cancel a production. Especially one that had such promise. A great crew, cast and venue. We have been working on this event for over a year and having to cancel is devastating. We cannot thank everyone enough for their supported with this endeavor."

Cuckoo's Nest was supposed to close out STLAS' fifth season with a bang. Academy Award nominee Kathleen Quinlan (best actress in a supporting role for Apollo 13)  was signed to play the role of Nurse Ratched, along with a stellar line-up of St. Louis performers including J. Samuel Davis, Charlie Barron, Rachel Fenton and David Wassilak.

Reached for comment, Roth clarified that the cancellation had nothing to do with the Roberts brothers -- owners of the Roberts Orpheum -- current financial woes, but offered no further information.

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St. Louis Actors Studio is a wonderful company.  I'm sad that this happened to them.

Ed Goltermann
Ed Goltermann

Well it appears that this is justified simply because of the grand conspiaracy by Slay, Schoemel, the Roberts brothers, the Cardinals, and grand center to all gang up and destory the Kiel Opera house. If this show had been at the Kiel it would have been a nationwide success and tourism in St. Louis would have increased a billion percent but these groups all want to kill the city and it's glorious suburbs. I also like to dissect girls and I am completely insane. Glibbety globbity gloob.

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