Twitter Follies: Brian Elliott Finds a T-Shirt He Likes

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Brian Elliott: goalie, badger and fan of corny jokes.
If you're not periodically checking with Blues' goalie Brian Elliott via his Twitter (@KidElls1), you're missing his relentless hyping of Badgers hockey and the occasional corny joke in which the punchline is always a photo of something with his name on it.

Last week he discovered the existence of a t-shirt that combined his love of a corny joke with his love of hockey. If you're a Blues fan, or have a Blues fan in your life, you might want to get your credit card out.

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Happy Goat Shirts

Yeah, that's a keeper. Happy Goat Shirts manufactures that particular design, along with several shirts inspired by 50 Shades of Grey and Katy Perry. Get yours now before the producers of that particular film gets wind of it and the Elliott-inspired shirt goes the way of the much-missed David Backes' fan shirt.

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