Postcard From the Future: Proof That The Rest of Baseball Season Will Be Really Exciting

A view from Chicago, ca. 2030:

image via

Based on current standings, with the Cubs dead last in the NL Central -- and the Cards in first -- this is going to be a really exciting summer. Also, there will be an explosion of urban plant growth during the next 18 years and Katniss Everdeen-style bows and arrows will be the height of fashion, at least among athletic teens.

Oh, wait. It's only a screenshot from the pilot of Revolution, J.J. Abrams' new TV series about the aftermath of a permanent electrical blackout. And saving the world.

We can still dream.

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Brad Hicks
Brad Hicks

I hadn't noticed that when I saw the trailer! I guess now we know why the power went out, world-wide: the Cubs winning the World Series really IS the end of the world. *wry grin*


No electricity? No problem.   Play daytime baseball, in open venues. 

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