Crack This Code, Win RFT Sunglasses!

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Edit note: Thanks everyone for playing. The code has been cracked, and it is none other than (what else?) a line from ZZ Top's, "Cheap Sunglasses."

She had a west coast strut that was as sweet as molasses,
but what really knocked me out were her cheap sunglasses.
Oh yeah.

Original contest below...

Last week's Riverfront Times feature story, Code Dead, examined the investigation into Ricky McCormick, a St. Louis man found dead with two coded messages on his body. The FBI believes the ciphers could reveal McCormick's killer(s), but the agency has been unable to crack the code in more than ten years of trying. 

As part of the story, expert cryptologist Elonka Dunin gave RFT readers a video tutorial on code cracking, using the term "Riverfront Times" as part of the answer key. Based on Dunin's key, what does the following message say?

First three readers to crack the code and email us the answer win a pair of these awesome RFT sunglasses! Good luck! 




Editor's note: As has been pointed out, our code-cracker actually messed up her key slightly by forgetting the letter "A". Even so, the code is solvable if you use the key she provides. At 9:51 a.m. we already have one winner. Who's next?

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the code was actually written by the person who murdered mr. mc cormick.  after carefull analysis i have been fortunate to decode this letter.  it states the following:  "don't play me for no chump, chump.  you want to know why i laid dis n word out?  he didn't pay his dope tab bro.  that's why he ended up face down french kissing mother earth wit maggots all up inhis nose n sh!t."  well, that what it says. please let me know how to claim my prize.

1960s Radical
1960s Radical

If you crack the code you can be assured the local FBI will be knocking on your front door and wanting to talk to you about an unsolved murder that you may know nothing about. so beware of cracking codes for the FBI online. they read this shit to and they are watching all of us and they want to put you in prison for life. even if your innocent. if they were as smart as they think they are they would need no help reading that code. further proof of the downward spiral into stupidity of the late great FBI. they are just another bunch of young suit and tie wearing new school clean cut short haired yuppies who dont know shit.

California Peckerwood
California Peckerwood

Thats a secret code used by Convicts in the AB = Aryan Brotherhood in prisons in the western USA and out in California at San Quentin, Folsom prison etc and im not gonna rat out this dead guy so figure it out yourself you Midwestern hick cop pigs. or join the AB and learn all about the secret AB prison code yourself. the LA EME = the Mexican Mafia use it to but its a little different than what the white boy Peckerwood ABers use. you guys in st louis are really stupid and way behind the times. like about 30 years behind real gangsters and their codes. try talking to a prison guard at San Quentin, Folsom, prison or at Cochran federal joint in California for the answers. they got some of it figured out but not very much. it gets changed as soon as the pigs are onto it. in other words criminals , prison convicts and gangsters are always 20 steps ahead of the cops. the cops are always lagging behind the criminals and this story is proof of that.

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