The Many Feces of St. Louis (or Life in Lucas Park)

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Google Street View captures some urban campers in Lucas Park.
So here's a story we can all be proud of.

Yesterday a 38-year-old white male (loft dweller?) was walking his dog in downtown's Lucas Park when the animal relieved itself in the vicinity where a (homeless?) girl was lying in the grass.

The dog owner was about to clean up the mess when the girl's father, described as 29-year-old black male, became enraged and started yelling at the dog owner. The dog owner then responded by hurling racial slurs at the father.

The situation got even stinkier after that. 

According to reports, several men nearby became involved in the fracas. One of them grabbed a piece of re-bar from the adjacent construction site of the Central Library and began beating the dog owner and his pooch. That assailant was still on the loose yesterday. Meanwhile, the father who went berserk was arrested for peace disturbance.

And the foul-mouthed dog owner? He and his canine are left licking their wounds, described as minor injuries.

And, yes, we're making assumptions about the dog owner being a loft dweller and the father and his daughter being homeless. But that tends to be the formula that's starts shit at Lucas Park.

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OOPS: Chad left this part out of the story:  Just fter the incident in Lucas Park and before the mess was cleaned up, two blondes happened upon the scene. One says "Look dog poop." The other bends down and smells it. "Sure smells like dog poop." They both sticke their fingers in it. "Feels like dog poop." They taste it. "Sure tastes like dog poop." Then one says to the other: "Sure glad we didn't step in it!"

The Right at Night
The Right at Night

No one in this story is saying that Ear/Gordie/Frankie--except you.  And in a couple of days or so, you'll be posting under a different name, anyway when the heat gets to you.   Spouting off must pay a lot better than a real job, doesn't it?


Another story of how a negro bashed a White man and liberals say "Well you made Tyrell's people pick cotton in the hot Alabama sun. The racist honky cracker had it coming!"

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