Life in Prison for Elain Young and Katherine Mock in Murder-for-Hire Plot

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Elain Kay Young, now headed to prison for life for the murder of her fourth husband.
Elain Kay Young and Katherine A. Mock were found guilty in March of plotting and carrying out the murder of Young's fourth husband, Melvin Griesbauer. Today both women were sentenced to life in prison for the 2006 killing.

As Dailyrft recounted back in March, the Cassville, Missouri, murder was a hornet's nest of betrayal and counter-betrayal. Prosecutors made the case that Young only married Griesbauer to get his $1.2 million insurance policy, which she needed to save the family farm and dog breeding operation.

Her friend Mock became involved because she was led to believe that Griesbauer was abusing Young, according to Mock's attorney. Mock solicited for the potential killer among her own relatives. Their partnership took a turn for the worse when Mock told the court that Young had tried to kill her by forcing her to eat a bag of Vicodin.

Now they're both headed to prison for a long, long time. You have to wonder if they'll room together, given the option.

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