Drug-Induced Homicide Charges Dropped Against RFT Profile Subject, Angela Halliday

halliday rogers.jpg
Halliday with her boyfriend Josh Rogers in happier times. Rogers died of a heroin overdose in May 2011.
Madison County prosecutors have dropped murder charges against Angela Halliday, a heroin junkie who had been accused of facilitating the deaths of an acquaintance and her boyfriend.

The decision to drop the charges came after Judge James Hackett, who was to hear Halliday's case, stopped the trial of the another man charged in a drug-induced homicide case and acquitted the plaintiff.

In dismissing the drug-induced homicide charges against Halliday, which carried a possible sentence of six to 30 years each, she pleaded guilty to lesser charges of delivering a controlled substance -- Xanax -- within 1,000 feet of a church. Those charges carry a possible penalty of three to seven years in prison.

Last August, Halliday was the subject of an in-depth Riverfront Times' feature exploring Madison County's controversial decision to charge junkies with murder when their fellow drug-users die and whether or not Halliday was actually guilty of the crimes for which she was charged.

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