Kaitlin Norton: Teen Who Abandoned Baby Under Pine Tree Headed to Court

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The mother of a newborn who allegedly panicked and abandoned the infant in the side yard of an Ellisville home in February has been indicted by a Grand Jury and will proceed to trial. Kaitlin T. Norton, 20, has been charged with first-degree child abandonment and child endangerment.

Norton has cooperated with the authorities since turning herself in a few days after giving birth. The child was unharmed by the experience, thanks to February being unseasonably mild and the fortuitous arrival of Betty Crowder, the good Samaritan who first discovered the mysterious bundle and immediately called the police; Crowder had assumed it was a litter of puppies that had been dumped.

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Msme Tami
Msme Tami

She's still mentally a child.  Most kids are not fully developed before the age of 25.  With that being said, I do believe people should not have kids until after they are 25.  I'm not defending what she did but I can understand it.  It amazes me that you have to take a class and a test for a drivers license, if fact, any kind of license!  Why don't we require people to have a license to have children??  Not that I welcome the government getting any deeper into my stuff but there are people out there that should not ever be permitted to be parents and there are far too many children paying the price for that....  


As part of her sentence, she should be sterilized.  You don't do what she did and be allowed to be a parent again.

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