Rev. Larry Rice Intends to Sue the City Over Integrity Village Condemnation

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Photo: Jennifer Silverberg
Rev. Rice is taking the city to court.
The New Life Evangelistic Center has sent out a press release announcing that Reverend Larry Rice will file a federal lawsuit against both the City of St. Louis and St. Louis Public Safety Director Eddie Roth for shutting down his tent city, Integrity Village.

Rice attempted to establish Integrity Village on private property at I-44 and Vandeventer in the Botanical Heights neighborhood. According to Rice, the tent city would have been a religious community that forbade drugs, alcohol and panhandling.

The neighbors were less than enthusiastic about a homeless community sprouting up in their backyards, and the city acted quickly to issue an emergency condemnation order. Rice was arrested during when city workers were tearing down the tents. He has since vowed to establish Integrity Village at a secret location.

But first, some lawsuits. Rice is holding a press conference at the New Life Evangelistic Center (1411 Locust Street) tomorrow at 1 p.m. where he will discuss the suits, and the need for somewhere for the homeless to go.

Perhaps fortuitously, tomorrow is also the day the city and the St. Louis Rams ownership will go to arbitration if the two sides haven't come to an agreement on the best way to refurbish (and pay for the refurbishing) of the Edward Jones Dome. If that process goes horribly, there's a possibility the Rams could leave town. The Ed Jones Dome may not be a top-tier football stadium at the moment, but it would be the most lavish homeless shelter in the country, wouldn't it?

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The man is trying to do something about the homeless problem in St. Louis. A problem obviously many people don't care about, however if  some of them were your relatives maybe you would care! The man's hair is irrelevant, who cares about hair when people are starving, suffering down on their luck in this city and many others in this country thanks to the terrible leadership from greedy Republicans, giving themselves fat raises and taking expensive trips on tax payers.


The next time Larry gets before the news cameras, he should FIRST address why he wears that rediculous rug on his head.  Hey, Larry!  Why do you wear that rediculous RUG on your head?  Tell us, Larry!

Fred L
Fred L

Dragging the Jones Dome situation into this story is total bullshit. If you want to write about goofy 'ol Larry Rice, go ahead. Why insert a completely unrelated issue into the story?  

Jason Lite
Jason Lite

If this is journalism, I'm the Pope


trying to help the homeless is fine.  what ISN'T fine is that he is unable to provide adequate security for the homeless who are already taking shelter at NLEC.  the homeless should not have to choose between being raped/robbed/assaulted in a shelter or being on the street.

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