Matt Hansen: Teacher Jailed on Child Porn Charges May Have Filmed Students

matt hansen 2.jpg
Matt Hansen.
Matt Hansen, 38, is currently in police custody after St. Charles County Police allegedly found child pornography on his personal computer. The seventh grade math teacher at Fort Zumwalt West Middle School fled to Van Buren County, Iowa, shortly before his arrest and had to be talked out of jumping off a cellular tower in early June. Police have continued to work Hansen's case since his arrest, and today announced a disturbing development in the investigation.

In a letter sent to parents, Fort Zumwalt Superintendent Dr. Bernard DuBray announced that detectives found evidence that Hansen may have videotaped male students at the Fifth Grade Outdoor Education Program, an overnight camping experience.

In his letter, Dr. DuBray states:
"While I have not personally seen the videotapes, I am told that they show male students in various stages of undress as they readied themselves for evening showers. Students had no knowledge that they were being videotaped. The videotapes are currently in police custody and will remain there. We have no evidence that Mr. Hansen did anything other than videotape students, or that he shared the videotapes with anyone else."
Hansen is currently on administrative leave from the school district.

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