Missouri Firefighters Fall Victim to Beef Jerky Scam

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Such scandal would never have occurred on the Macho Man's watch. RIP.
Now there's a headline we could never have dreamed of writing.

But it's true, according to the Missouri Attorney General's Office. Today the state's top prosecutor announced a settlement requiring James Adam Jenkins, owner of the Oklahoma-based BK Premium Products, to refund the Missourians who purchased a beef-jerky-vending franchise from him thinking they were aiding charities. Jenkins sold franchise kits for $2,500 a pop and principally targeted firefighters in St. Louis and Springfield. 

The settlement resolves allegations that Jenkins neither delivered the materials to operate the beef jerky franchise nor donated any of the $2,500 to charity. The jerk.

In addition to providing refunds, Jenkins must now make quarterly reports to the Attorney General's Office that list the total sales, total donations, and charities receiving the donations. The Better Business Bureau of Oklahoma gives Jenkins' BK Premium Products a D- grade. Meanwhile, court records show that the Missouri Department of Revenue has filed tax liens on his business for thousands of dollars.

"I know that many Missourians have placed money in these types of canisters with full confidence that their donations were going to charitable organizations," Koster said. "It is contemptible that anyone would defraud others in the name of charity, and this office will aggressively go after those who do."

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This Sociopath was caught and all firefighters were paid back by the investigation of one bold firefighter. This firefighter informed Jjenkin's that he messed the wrong person and personsas firefighters are a close knit brotherhood and that they stuck together through and thin. He also informed Jenkins that he would haunt Jenkins until every firefighter was paid back. Letters were written to the Oklahoma AG the Missouri AG long ago by this firefighter and for the most part they were non-responsive. So he did the next best thing got the TV investigative press involved.  Here is a News Flash Folks!!!! All firefighters in Missouri were paid back long before the Missouri AG came out with his Much to Late No Teeth Press Release Statement. The only thing that came from the mouth of AG Koster was POLITICAL rhetortic. AG Koster probably dosent even know that Jenkins has been sued and has a judgement against him by the Department of Revenue for not paying taxes. ( Taxes as of this date 6/17/12 are still delinquent.)  So why isnt this guy being criminally prosecuted Mr AG??  Jenkins currently has a 5 year probation for a deferred felony conviction in Tulsa County and a separate 1 year supervised case for which he was convicted in Rogers county OK . Both  cases are regarding consumer fraud. Yet this Clown still walks the streets committing more consumer fraud against innocent folks. Shame on both Missouri and Oklahoma AG's for sitting on their thumbs.

Jason Charney
Jason Charney

This guy was messing with Sasquatch. And now he will pay for it!  When Sasquatch comes, he will not be merciful!

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