Two Men Shot on Page Boulevard Last Night

Categories: Violent Crime
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Police were called to the 5500 block of Page Boulevard in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood just after 9 p.m. last night for a reported shooting. Witnesses told them two men, both 23-year-old black men, were sitting on the front steps of a house when a group of people drove by in a gold or tan Toyota Camry or Corolla and opened fire.

One of the young men was shot in the arm and was transported to a hospital where he's in stable condition. Police learned the second man had also been shot in the arm, but had a relative take him to the hospital before the police arrived. This victim told police that he returned fire at the suspect vehicle when they started shooting. 

The suspects are unknown at this time, but the investigation continues.

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Is there something confusing about a mayor & other city officials  marching over to the Ballpark and taking the ticket tax revenue to every game, concert, and money from every wedding and banquet? And hiring police officers? Something unclear about their right to go over to Scottrade Center & demand the same from the Center and the Opera House. In the interest of public safety? Checkett and McCarthy skipped town with millions. They dont care how dangerous St. Louis is. Is it difficult for you to picture Slay and Green and Sheriff Murphy going up to the Fox Theater, where a lot of money is exchanged, and require they pay the ticket tax revenue to the City? Or the equivalent? Would you rather not have 200 more police officers on the job and at night, than do these countdowns?  Answer the questions. Mayor Kiel would do this, or he never would have 'given up' this tax revenue in the first place.


Queue the ghetto music boom chicka chicka boom chicka chicka boom


If they hadn't been Porch Monkeys they wouldn't have been shot!

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