Rose Lakey: Loony Dog Owner Gets $100 Fine for 911 Call About Sick Great Dane

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There are normal dog owners. Then there are those really, really absurd dog owners. (Think canine sweaters and T-shirts like the one pictured here.) Rose Lakey of O'Fallon, Missouri, falls squarely into the latter category.

Yesterday the 47-year-old Lakey pleaded guilty in municipal court to filing a false report when Oreo, her 140-pound Great Dane, collapsed inside her home. Lakey called 911 and reportedly told the dispatcher that her "daughter" was gravely ill. Five rescue vehicles and at least a dozen emergency workers arrived at Lakey's home.

Lakey was then surprised when a paramedic arrived on the scene and threw her arms up in frustration to complain, "It's just a dog."

But, no, Oreo was much more than a pooch to Lakey and her husband. And here's where the story gets even more bizarre.

As the Post-Dispatch reports in a story that's gone viral, the Lakeys did more than just call 911 the night their dog collapsed. They also administered CPR on Oreo. Unfortunately, the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (Cookies and Squeam, anyone?) wasn't enough to save the pet. Now Rose Lakey and her husband sleep each night in their king-sized bed with Oreo's ashes wrapped in a blanket beside them. Just like old times. 

"This sounds crazy, but she was our kid," Lakey told the daily.

Crazy? Nah. Who are we to judge?

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