The Stanley Cup: Sports' Greatest Trophy, or Shiny Disease Vector in Disguise?

So apparently this thing may pick up a virus or two. Who knew?
Peter King's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column is the last place I'd look for a hockey tidbit (it's predominantly a baseball, coffee and beer nugget depository), and yet a co-worker forwarded an interesting fact from this week's installment. It seems that St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke had an unpleasant encounter with the Stanley Cup when his hockey team, the Quebec Nordiques Colorado Avalanche, won it all in 2001.

Relates King on page three of this morning's column:

Good story from Michaels, about being careful when you drink from the Stanley Cup, about former Avalanche and current Rams owner Stan Kroenke: "Stan is a man who keeps himself in tip-top shape and never gets sick. When his Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in 2001, he got sick as a dog a few days later and was bedridden for two weeks. He told me he traced it to drinking out of the Cup after the game. So celebrants beware.''
Color me surprised that something hundreds of people touch, park babies' butts in and let their dogs drink from would be a germ-bomb of epic proportions.

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Every team strives for the Cup. There are a lot of teams-4 times the original 8, or may be at one time there were only 6? The odds are very long against even the best teams. Going 2 rounds in the playoffs is progress. Be grateful. Take with a grain of salt owners or managers who vow to 'march the cup down Market Street'. Speaking of Market street, St. Louis would be 2 hockey seasons without the Blues and no puck would drop this Fall were it not for the $120 million-public & private- they raised through restoration of Kiel Opera House. $60 million public covered the restoration, for the most part. Naming, sponsorships, sale of boxes-all of that went to paying down Blues' debt which hovered on either side of $150 million. Huge turn-around enabled by the little brother, silent for 2 decades on the otherside of the Wall. And, pissed on from time to time. Checkett fled in the night with a lot of money. The McKees pocketed a lot of change. Towerbrook and the banks were rewarded for their 'patience'. They smelled the money. The caterers are cleaning up. It's being used as a banquet center, with very few shows or concerts. Now that the opera house saved the Blues, it can 'turn' to saving Downtown. But not as a banquet center with no parking, no staff, and restricted by the Fox Theater.  

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