Lee Enterprises Stock Cools Off a Bit After "Warren Buffet Surge"

Late Tuesday, Berkshire Hathaway -- the conglomerate controlled by investment wizard Warren Buffet -- was forced by SEC fiat to disclose that it had bought $2.1 million worth of shares in Lee Enterprises, parent company of the Post-Dispatch

So naturally, here's what happened:

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Lee Enterprises stock cools off after Warren Buffet's firm reveals position

A lot of other people decided to buy shares too, because Buffet is (1) a genius, (2)  the most successful investor this century and (3) loaded with enough cheddar to purchase you, your family, and probably Spain.

The new demand shot the price up 30 percent to 1.43 per share on Wednesday morning. But by the close of trading today, the price had dipped back down to 1.28 per share.

But it's all relative: Compared to years past, Lee stock has been way up this year ever since the news came out in January that it had successfully refinanced its massive debt (much of which was incurred when it bought the PD in 2005).

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FWIW: While the refi of the debt was done, i would not call it successful.  Also, Buffet bought some of that debt in convertable note form so he actually has a greater interest in LEE than the percetnage stake that is immediately obvious. Oh, he bought (in addition to what can be read elsehwere) because in one year, LEE generate more in Free Cash Flow than its market cap.


And today's 10% surge

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