Attention: AG Chris Koster Will Not Give You One Million Dollars

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This is not Chris Koster, and you're not getting one million dollars.
You may receive a letter from Attorney General Chris Koster in the near future announcing that you've won $1 million (or some other large amount of money), but you have to pay your taxes on it first, in accordance with Missouri law. Or maybe the letter comes from the FBI, or the Department of Justice, or even the IRS. The letters are printed on official-looking letterhead with the appropriate addresses and everything.

Listen, not to steal your innocence or anything, but the IRS is not in the business of handing out money to American citizens. That was Ed McMahon's job, and he's dead. These letters are scams. You ain't gettin' no money from these government offices, and you sure as hell shouldn't send anyone a check.

The real Attorney General Koster has posted a warning on his website with details of the scam and a reminder to Missourians to be skeptical of such letters. "We are warning Missourians not to send money to anyone who contacts you by mail or telephone without independently contacting the government agency to verify that the money is due," he said in an official statement.

In other words, this is the Show-Me State; let's all act like it when it comes to these "too good to be true" offers.

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