Even Denver Fans See Kroenke Moving Rams to L.A.

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Sure, it's not a done deal -- yet. But each additional day that the Rams and St. Louis officials haggle over stadium renovations it seems more and more likely that owner Stan Kroenke will move the team back to Los Angeles.

And it's not just the Chicken Littles in St. Louis who see the Rams departure as imminent. Sports fans in Denver, where Kroenke owns an NHL and MLS franchise (and controls the NBA team by proxy) -- see the writing on the wall as well.

Take, for example, the following open letter to the Denver Post this week in which a Rockies fans pleads that Kroenke (who tried to buy the L.A. Dodgers earlier this year) purchase the underperforming Colorado Rockies that are currently 13 game out of first in the NL West. (Italics added for emphasis.)
Dear Mr. Stan Kroenke: We know you wanted to buy the Dodgers so you would have two teams in Los Angeles when you move the Rams back in 2015. But, for the love of God, please, please buy the Rockies and save us from 20 more years of this.
Alan, Colorado Springs

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 Took lessons from you, Shane.


Wow, that was quite a post there. What, five minutes to write that with zero basis? Ahh, easy reads. Flat out pathetic, shameful and disgusting.  Was this posted by a fourth grader? This isn't even National Enquirer worthy.  


Back in So. Cal where they belong... BELIEVE IT!


Yeah right Aross. The writings on the wall. The glorious return of the LOS ANGELES RAMS is definitely gonna happen. Kick back and enjoy!:-)


This is the biggest haug of crap I've ever heard. They're going through a damn process. How bout this just shut up and whatever happens, happens!!! JESUS!! Nothing but rumor starting bullshit!

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